Find Your Legislator

Click on the map to get legislator and district information for that location.

The map below shows legislative districts based off 2013 redistricting information (prior to 22RS), as well as the current 2022 redistricting information. The 2022 information is what took effect during the 2022 Regular Session and are considered "current". This map is meant to allow comparison for those who may have been affected by district line shifts. You can toggle various layers on and off by clicking the boxes in the top left of the map.

If you are using the address search click beside the location icon once your address is found to get legislator information.* †

* We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the returned address results. If the pin is not in the correct location, it may be necessary to manually navigate to a location and click for proper district information. You can also confirm your district information through the Secretary of State's Voter Information Center. -

† This map requires a modern browser such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and/or Firefox. Internet Explorer does not work.