Actuarial Analysis

Casinos, gaming tax on

Casion gaming, allocation in support of

Constitutional amendment proposal, ballot access, casino gaming

County Employees Retirement System, phase-in to full actuarially required contribution rate

General Assembly, retirement and pensions, closure of Legislators' Retirement Plan

General Assembly, retirement benefits for legislators after 01/01/2019, elimination of

Kentucky Retirement Systems, adjustment of line-of-duty death benefits

Kentucky Retirement Systems, agency cessation of participation

Kentucky Retirement Systems, board elections, electronic ballots for

Kentucky Retirement Systems, employer rates in 2018-2020 biennium set at FY 2017-2018 levels

Kentucky Retirement Systems, hybrid cash balance plan, benefit election for legislators

Kentucky Retirement Systems, include interest at actuarial rate on refunded erroneous contributions

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System, survivor's benefits, marriage

Legislators, election to discontinue or not participate in LRP or KERS for service to GA

Legislators' Retirement Plan, close to future members and future service accruals

Legislators' Retirement Plan, close to future membes and future service accruals

Line of duty, death benefits, surviving spouse as default beneficiary

Pension surcharge on state employment contracts

Reemployment after retirement, restrictions on city elected officials

Retirement and pensions, reemployment after retirement

Retirement and pensions, Teachers and County Employees Retirement Systems, July 1, 2018

Retirement, election to discontinue or not participate in LRP or KERS for legislative service

Sports wagering, authorization for

Sports wagering, excise tax on

State-administered retirement systems, pension reform

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