Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, John Fritz Giesecke

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Katie L. Moyer

Agricultural warehousing cleanup

Ananias Lorenzo Garvin, honor for extension work

Bees and beekeeping supplies, sales and use tax exemption, August 1, 2018

Board of Veterinary Examiners, oversight by Commissioner

Certificate of free sale, Department of Agriculture, authority to issue

Certified Kentucky honey, establish marketing standards

Commissioner of Agriculture, make gender-neutral change

Commissioner of, contingency fee legal services contracts, requirements to award

Commissioner of, time of election, change to even-numbered years

Commissioner of, time of election, move to even-numbered years

Commissioner of, time of election, move to even-numbered years, begin 2022

Department of Agriculture, commissioner, waiver of ASTM standards, motor fuels

Department of Agriculture, reorganization of

Depredating black vultures, urge the issuance of more permits to allow the taking of

Farms, single family, electric rates

Farms to Food Banks, name change, meeting requirements

Farms to Foodbanks Advisory Committee, change name from Surplus Agricultural Commodities

Federal exemption radius, transportation of agricultural commodities, urging extension of

Federal exemption, transportation of agricultural commodities, urge expansion of, equine shows

FFA Week in, recognizing

Food Checkout Week, honoring farmers

Food waste, reduction, state agencies, charitable feeding

Governor or designee, waiver of ASTM specifications, motor fuels, ability to issue

Grape and Wine Council, small farm wineries support fund, changes to

Hemp status, urge Congress to make change in

Home-based food products, requirements for sale of

Hunger Free Kentucky Day, declaration of

Inherited property, agricultural valuation of

Kentucky 4-H Capitol Experience, recognizing

Kentucky Agricultural Finance Corporation, loans made by

Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, membership of

Kentucky Milk Commission, abolishment of, confirm Executive Order 2017-0715

Kentucky Rural Rehabilitation Corporation, make gender-neutral change

Kentucky Spring Seat Saddle, official state emblem, designation as

Livestock and poultry feed, overweight permits for transportation of

Livestock, poultry, or fish, communicable diseases, control of

Medical marijuana, advocate for safety and efficacy standards

National Dairy Month, cash receipts, make changes to

National Dairy Month, recognize occasion of

National Farmers Day, recognizing

Paper bags, Kentucky grocers, encouraging use

Products and livestock, 80,000-pound weight limit, extend to county roads

Replace Governor Designee with Commissioner of Agriculture or Secretary of EEC

Soybean Week, proclaiming in the Commonwealth

State/Executive Branch Budget

Temporary waiver on ASTM standards, fines and penalties, issued by Department of Agriculture

Transportation of commodities and supplies, hours-of-service exemption

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