Attorney General

Article V, amend U.S. Constitution, enforcement of, actions, selection, oath, notifications

Contingency fee legal service contracts, exclude opioid actions

Contingency fee legal services contracts, requirements to award

Contracts for legal services, approval process

Enforcement actions, changes in venue

Filing deadline for candidates seeking public office, changes to

Filing of candidate nomination papers, inclusion of, Certificate of Good Standing

Humane Society of the United States, fundraising tactics, investigation of

Kentucky addiction prevention, recovery, and enforcement fund, add as committee member

Obscenity cases, encouraging prosecution of

Office of Rate Intervention, notice, discriminatory or unreasonable rates

Officer Shooting Review Board, establishment of

Public assets and programs, naming, restrictions on

Reorganization, Executive Order AG 17-01, confirming

Settlement funds, disposition of

Settlement funds, dispostion of

Sexual assault of inmates, investigation of

State/Executive Branch Budget

Time of election, change to even-numbered years

Time of election, move to even-numbered years

Time of election, move to even-numbered years, begin 2022

Last updated: 9/1/2020 2:57 PM (EDT)
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