Alcoholic beverages, delivery and extension of credit to retailers

Alcoholic beverages, wholesaler exclusivity, prohibition on

Athlete agents, parent or guardian acting as

Condominiums, maintenance fee, use of master deed to allocate

Contingency fee legal services, Attorney General award of

Contingency fee legal services contracts, state government bodies, award requirements

Contracts, interest collectible after default

Debts, effect of actions taken by creditors on

Early termination, payment for, prohibition

Early termination, prohibit payment for

Executive branch, public servants, business transaction prohibited with

Extraterritorial wastewater facilities, acquisition of by local agency

Extraterritorial wastewater facilities, acquisition of by local agency, applicability of Chapter 278

Interlocal agreements, extraterritorial wastewater facilities, acquisition of by local agency

Israel, contracts with companies boycotting, prohibition

Pension surcharge on state employment contracts

Public, no-bid, certain state officers, prohibition on awarding to

Public, tax collection, bonus payment structure, limitations on

Public works projects, contracts, guidelines for awarding

Public-private partnership, certain capital projects, General Assembly approval not required

Public-private partnership projects, unsolicited proposals, discussion of

Small business, procurement, economic development opportunity

Sponsorships and endorsements, public universities, governing boards, review by

State procurement, process for, confidentiality of

Welding by mechanical engineers, exclusions from structural steel welding

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