Courts, District

Administrative Office of the Courts, caseload analysis and proposed redrawing of districts

Administrative pretrial release, certain violations and misdemeanors, required for

Administrative pretrial release, deletion of

Commitment, after reaching the age of seventeen and a half

Court costs and fines, installment plan and community service for

Court of Justice, provide for gender-neutral language

DNA cases, appointment of counsel, fee for

Emergency placement of children, criminal history record checks for

Extreme risk protective order, firearms prohibition, venue

Fifty-fifth District, reduction in judges

Guardianship proceedings, use of juries in

Judges, licensed attorney time requirement, increasing

Judges, term of office, extension of

Judicial Branch Budget

Juror pay and expense allowance, increasing

Jury service, increase in payment and reimbursement for

Jury service, procedure to volunteer for

Juvenile probation, extension to the completion of treatment, allowance for

Liens against real estate, release of

Marriage, minimum age, raising, petitioning process

Monetary bond, elimination of

Monetary bond, limitation, deletion of

Monetary bond, restriction of

Power of attorney, requirements for

Pregnant prisoners and inmates, release of

Pregnant prisoners, release of

Redistricting, boundary realignment and reallocation of resources

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