Education, Vocational

Active military and veterans, professional licenses, issuance of

CAP grant, allow use for workforce development training programs

Estheticians, education required for

Instruction in voting, annual requirement of, submission of report relating thereto

KCTCS, honoring

KEES, allow use for qualified workforce training program

KEES, allowing use for qualified workforce training program

Office of Adult Education, creation of

Proprietary institutions, evidence required for minimum standards

Proprietary institutions, licensing and standards requirements

Public charter schools, delaying implementation of

Schools of nursing, fine for failure to maintain standards

Technical schools, on- the-job training, internships, and apprenticeships

Technical schools, training for heavy equipment operators and commercials drivers' licenses

Tuition exemption in 529 plan, primary and secondary school, expand to

Work Ready Scholarship, eligibility for technology teachers

Workforce development training programs, allow CAP grant funds to be used for

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