Police, State

Abandoned newborn infant, establish location signage

Body-worn camera recording, release of

CDL testing, procedures and fees for retesting

CDL testing, procedures and fees for retesting, medical excuse for missed test

Compensatory time, allow for State Police

Confiscated firearms, destruction of

Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, Kentucky State Police to provide protection for

DNA, sample collection at arraignment, requiring

Driver's manual, Kentucky State Police to make available

Extreme risk protective order, enter into LINK

Firearms, comprehensive regulation of

Immigration laws, enforcement, requirement for

Insurance surcharge used to pay for KLEFPF and KFFPF, restricting adjustment of

Less-than-lethal weapons, establish approved list of

Less-than-lethal weapons, provide training for

Lost of stolen firearms, collection of data, sharing of information

Officer, associate's degree or 60 hours, completion prior to end of probation period

Operator's license testing, interactions with law enforcement, driver's manual to include

Operator's license testing, interactions with law enforcement, exam to include

Operator's license, vision testing upon renewal

Release of property by pawnbroker, information required for

Retirement and pensions, reemployment after retirement

School marshal, appointment of, requirements relating to

School safety certification program, establish

Secondary employment, school resource officer

Shooting of an individual by a law enforcement officer or deadly incident, investigation of

State/Executive Branch Budget

Truck platooning, procedures for

Warrantless drone surveillance or use of armed drones by certain entities, prohibition

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