Taxation, Property

Aircraft reduced rate, elimination of

Alcohol, wholesale sales tax, compensation, repealing

Assessment moratorium program, district board of education, participation of

Charitable organization, leasehold interest, exemption of

Disabled veterans, homestead exemption, proposed constitutional amendment

Documented vessels, registration sticker, displaying

Education, equivalent rate levy, restriction on

Equipment rental inventory, creation of

Fire districts, alternative tax structure

Fire districts, merger, maximum tax rate

Homestead exemption, disabled veterans, proposed constitutional amendment

Property, charitable organization, leasehold interests, exemption of

Property taxes, contesting ad valorem increase, procedural adjustment

Property used in the deployment of advanced broadband technologies, exemption of

PVA funding, state property tax rate increase

Real property, fixed tax rate, establishing

Real property tax rate, recall provision, removal of

Tax expenditures, reform of

TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities

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