Alternative teaching certification program, veteran eligibility

Brashear, Master Chief Petty Officer Carl M., memorial bridge designation, Hardin Co.

Caldwell, Cpl. Edward, memorial highway designation, Leslie County

Casadona, Warrant Officer James, memorializing

Case, Corporal Elba, Floyd County memorial highway designation

CDL testing for military and veterans with driving experience, exempt from fees

Connolly, Chief Warrant Officer Ryan, memorializing

Davis, Nicholas, honoring

Driving skills test, waiver for military, include reservists and National Guard members

Driving skills test, waiver for military, within one year of separation of service

Evans, Billy C, adjourn in recognition and honor of

Gender-neutral language, addition of

Holiday, John, honoring

Honorary road naming, omnibus resolution

Jack Baker, distinguished military service, recognizing

Johnson, SPC Lowell, memorial highway designation, Floyd County

KDVA, allocate veterans' center beds to a Magoffin Co veterans' center, directing

Military-related special license plates, allow online renewal of

Nelson, Jeremy, Senior Master Sergeant, memorializing

Operator's license, Armed Services members, exemption, gender-neutral language

Osborne, Edmond, highway designation, Leslie County

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day, recognizing

Post-traumatic stress injury, day and month, designation of

Pretrial services for

Property tax, homestead exemption, disabled veterans, proposed constitutional amendment

Public universities, tuition exemption, application requirements for

Traumatic brain injury, use of hyperbaric oxygen treatment

Veteran-owned businesses, fees applying to

Veterans caregiver benefits, expansion of, petition for

Veterans Health Administration police, authority as state peace officers

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day, honoring

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