Kentucky Administrative Regulations



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Chapter 4 Agriculture Tax Credits

Chapter 10 Egg Marketing

Chapter 15 Fairs and Shows

Chapter 16 Amusement Rides

Chapter 17 Aerial Recreational Devices

Chapter 20 Livestock Sanitation

Chapter 21 Livestock

Chapter 22 Livestock, Poultry, and Fish

Chapter 27 Agricultural Pest Control

Chapter 28 Ornamental Turf Lawn and Interior Plantscape Pest Control

Chapter 29 Structural Pest Control

Chapter 31 Pesticides

Chapter 37 Hay Grading

Chapter 39 Marketing and Product Promotion

Chapter 40 Organic Agricultural Product Certification

Chapter 45 Ginseng

Chapter 50 Industrial Hemp

Chapter 60 Produce Safety

Chapter 75 Regulation and Inspection; Packaging and Labeling

Chapter 76 Regulation and Inspection; Method of Sale

Chapter 79 Regulation and Inspection; Motor Fuel

Chapter 80 Regulation and Inspection; Scanner

Chapter 81 Regulation and Inspection; Commercial Weighing and Measuring Devices

Chapter 85 Weights and Measures

Chapter 100 Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easement Corporation

Chapter 101 Animal Control Officers