Title 011 | Chapter 004 | Regulation 060

11 KAR 4:060.Distribution of publications.

Section 1.

Definitions. The definition of "authority" is governed by KRS 164.740(1).

Section 2.

Free Distribution.


The authority may distribute to the following Kentucky organizations multiple copies of its publications, free of charge, allotted among the organizations, at the authority's sole discretion, on the basis of funds budgeted for printing the publications:


High schools;


Public and private nonprofit libraries;


Kentucky postsecondary educational institutions participating in authority administered student financial assistance programs;


Public and private nonprofit organizations involved in assisting individuals with postsecondary educational planning.


The authority may provide one (1) free copy to individuals and organizations not specified in subsection (1) of this section, subject to availability.

Section 3.

Costs and Fees Charged.


The authority may charge a fee for providing multiple copies of certain publications: "Getting In," "Affording Higher Education," and Success Through Educational Planning (STEP) materials as provided in subsections (2) and (3) of this section.


If the authority determines a need to print additional copies of any publication specified in subsection (1) of this section based upon requests that exceed the number allotted for one (1) or more organizations specified in Section 2(1) of this administrative regulation, then all costs associated with the additional copies printed to accommodate the organization's request will be charged to that organization.


The authority may charge a fee for each additional copy of publications requested by individuals and organizations specified in Section 2(2) of this administrative regulation.

Section 4.

Establishment of Fees. Fees for publications shall be established by the authority annually, based on the unit cost (rounded up to the nearest whole dollar) of the publications to the budget unit calculated on the following formula: the personnel and operating costs allocated to publication development plus the direct printing cost for all copies divided by the total number of copies printed plus the cost of shipping (actual postage and envelope cost) and handling (fifteen (15) minute preparation time by lowest paid employee in the area).

Section 5.

Reproduction. Copyrighted publications of the authority may be reproduced with the written permission of the authority.

HISTORY: (19 Ky.R. 531; eff. 10-1-1992; Crt eff. 9-28-2018.)

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