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11 KAR 15:010.Definitions for 11 KAR Chapter 15.

Section 1.



"Academic term" is defined in KRS 164.7874(1) and 13 KAR 2:045, Section 1(1).


"Academic year" is defined in KRS 164.7884(1).


"ACT score" is defined in KRS 164.7874(3).


"Apprentice" is defined in KRS 164.7884(1).


"Authority" is defined in KRS 164.7874(4).


"Award period" is defined in KRS 164.7874(5).


"Correspondence course" means a home study course that:


Is provided by an educational institution under which the institution provides instructional materials, including examinations on the materials, to students who are not physically attending classes at the institution;


Meets the following requirements:


When a student completes a portion of the instructional materials, the student takes the examinations that relate to that portion of the materials and returns the examinations to the institution for grading;


The institution provides instruction through the use of video cassettes or video discs in an academic year unless the institution also delivers the instruction on the cassette or disc to students physically attending classes at an institution during the same academic year; and


If a course is part correspondence and part residential training, the course shall be considered to be a correspondence course; and


Does not include courses from the Kentucky Commonwealth Virtual University (KCVU).


"Council" is defined in KRS 164.7874(6).


"Cumulative grade point average" means the total grade point average for a postsecondary education student as reported by the postsecondary education institution where the student is currently enrolled.


"Eligible high school student" is defined in KRS 164.7874(7).


"Eligible postsecondary student" is defined in KRS 164.7874(8).


"Eligible program of study" means, for purposes of enrollment in a participating institution, a postsecondary undergraduate program that:



Leads to a certificate, diploma, or associate or baccalaureate degree;


Is designated as an equivalent undergraduate program of study by the council in an administrative regulation; or


Is a degree program in a field of study that is not available at any participating institution in the Commonwealth but is offered at an out-of-state institution designated by the council as an approved participating institution; and


May include study abroad or away from the main campus if the student pays tuition to, and is given academic credit by, the participating institution for the study, except that a correspondence course shall not be included.


"Eligible student" is defined in KRS 164.7884(1).


"Full-time student" is defined in KRS 164.7874(9).


"Grade point average" is defined in KRS 164.7874(10).


"High school" is defined in KRS 164.7874(11).


"KEES" or "Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship" is defined in KRS 164.7874(12).


"KEES Program officer" means the official designated on the administrative agreement, pursuant to KRS 164.748(6) and 164.7874(20), to serve as the participating institution's on-campus agent to certify all institutional transactions and activities with respect to the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship Program.


"Maximum award amount" means the KEES award maximum defined by KRS 164.7874(14).


"Participating institution" is defined in KRS 164.7874(20).


"Part-time student" is defined in KRS 164.7874(21).


"Registered apprenticeship program" is defined in KRS 164.7884(1).


"Related instruction" is defined in KRS 164.7884(1).


"Sponsor" is defined in KRS 164.7884(1).


"Supplemental award" means the KEES supplemental amount defined by KRS 164.7874(17).

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