Title 011 | Chapter 015 | Regulation 070

11 KAR 15:070.Records and reports.

Section 1.

A participating institution shall:


Establish an organized system of records pertaining to Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship recipient eligibility;


Maintain these records for a period of not less than three (3) years after the award year in which the recipient ceased enrollment; and


Upon request, make available to the authority:


All records relied upon by that institution to certify that a recipient of funds from the authority is an eligible postsecondary student; and


Information necessary to verify that the institution has complied with 11 KAR Chapter 15, and representations and requirements contained in its administrative agreement with the authority.

HISTORY: (25 Ky.R. 474; 819; eff. 10-1-1998; 27 Ky.R. 1042; 1441; eff. 12-21-2000; Crt eff. 9-28-2018.)

7-Year Expiration: 9/28/2025

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