Title 012 | Chapter 002 | Regulation 016

12 KAR 2:016.Brand and product names.

Section 1.

The brand or product name shall be appropriate for the intended use of the feed and shall not be misleading. If the name indicates the feed is made for a specific use, the character of the feed shall conform to that use.

Section 2.

Commercial, registered brand, or trade names:


Shall not be used in guarantees or ingredient listings; and


May be used in the product name of a feed produced by, for, or with the permission of the firm holding the rights to the name.

Section 3.


The name of a commercial feed shall not:


Be derived from one (1) or more ingredients of a mixture to the exclusion of other ingredients; and


Represent a component of a mixture unless all components are included in the name.


The name of an ingredient or combination of ingredients that is intended to impart a distinctive characteristic to the product that would be of significance to a purchaser may be used as a part of the brand name or product name if:


The ingredient or combination of ingredients is quantitatively guaranteed in the guaranteed analysis; and


The brand name or product name is not otherwise false or misleading.

Section 4.

The word "protein" shall not be used in the product name of a feed that contains added non-protein nitrogen.

Section 5.


If the name carries a percentage value, the percentage value shall signify the protein or equivalent protein content, and the name may explicitly modify the percentage with the word "protein".


If another percentage value is used, the value shall be followed by the proper description without false or misleading labeling.


If a figure is used in the brand name (except in mineral, vitamin, or other products where the protein guarantee is nil or unimportant), it shall be preceded by the word "number" or some other suitable designation.


A digital number shall not be used in a manner that is misleading or confusing to the purchaser.

Section 6.

A single ingredient feed shall have a product name that conforms to the definitions of feed ingredients in 12 KAR 2:006.

Section 7.

The word "vitamin," a contraction thereof, or word suggesting vitamin may be used in the name of a feed that is:


Represented to be a vitamin supplement; and


Labeled with the minimum content of each vitamin declared, as specified in 12 KAR 2:021, Section 3.

Section 8.


The term "mineralized" shall not be used in the name of a feed, except for "trace mineralized salt."


A product including "trace mineralized salt" in its name shall contain significant amounts of trace minerals that are recognized as essential for animal nutrition by an authority on animal nutrition such as the National Research Council.

Section 9.

The term "meat" or "meat by-products" shall designate the animal from which the meat or meat by-products is derived unless the meat or meat by-products are from cattle, swine, sheep, or goats.

Section 10.

If the commercial feed consists of raw milk, the words, "Raw (blank) Milk" shall appear conspicuously on the principal display panel. (The blank shall be completed by using the species of animal from which the raw milk is collected.)

HISTORY: (AES-2(1973)-3; 1 Ky.R. 999; eff. 6-11-1975; 23 Ky.R. 1606; 2704; eff. 1-10-1997; 45 Ky.R. 382; eff. 10-10-2018.)

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