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Title 013 | Chapter 002 | Regulation 080

13 KAR 2:080.State Autism Training Center.

Section 1.



"Autistic-related disabilities of communication and behavior" means disorders of verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive, stereotyped, and restricted patterns of behavior.


"Board" means the Citizens Advisory Board.


"Contract" means the memorandum of agreement developed and entered into by the Council on Postsecondary Education and a public higher education institution for the purpose of operating the center.


"Public institution" means a state university.

Section 2.

Contract for the Operation of a State Autism Training Center, and Plan.


The contract awarded by the council pursuant to KRS 164.9811(2) shall be for two (2) years with a provision for an additional two (2) years, if agreed upon by both parties.


The contract shall include provision for:


An annual report of activities, including an assessment of the center's performance, prepared by the public institution, reviewed by the board, and submitted to the council;


Payment by the council to the public institution;


An annual budget for the operation of the center, including a statement of projected revenues and expenditures; and


A plan prepared by the public institution establishing the activities and objectives to be performed annually.


The plan shall stipulate the level and degree of services to be provided in exchange for appropriated state funds and other funds federal, state, local, or private. The contract and plan shall establish the limits of the degree and level of services to be provided, and the public institution shall not be required to perform additional services unless compensation is provided and agreed upon by both parties.

Section 3.

Operation of the State Autism Training Center.


Operation of the center shall be under the direction and control of the public institution which shall be responsible for compliance with all applicable federal and state laws.


The public institution shall designate a trainee team for each client.


The public institution shall exercise due diligence in maintaining the center's eligibility for federal funds.

Section 4.

Citizens Advisory Board.


The public institution shall create a Citizens Advisory Board and appoint the members by September 30, 1997, pursuant to KRS 164.9817. The board shall review the assessment of the center's performance.


The board shall not meet less than quarterly.


The center's director shall give adequate notice of each meeting to the members of the board.


The center's director shall publish the minutes of each meeting of the board and each advisory action taken by the board.

HISTORY: (23 Ky.R. 4017; Am. 24 Ky.R. 58; eff. 7-2-97; Crt eff. 2-6-2020.)

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