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Title 013 | Chapter 003 | Regulation 020

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13 KAR 3:020.Provision of instruction for individuals sentenced by a court to participate in educational programs.

Section 1.

Instructional Program, Costs, Licensing. There shall not be any costs to students ordered by the court to attend a Kentucky Skills U instructional program described in KRS 533.200. The program services shall be services presently provided students enrolling in Kentucky Skills U programs. Qualifications of instructors shall be determined by Kentucky Skills U . These minimum qualifications shall be:


A Bachelor's degree, preferably in education or a content-related field; and


A score of NRS (National Reporting System) Level 6 or higher on at least one (1) content area of the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE).

HISTORY: (22 Ky.R. 653; Am. 1081; eff. 12-7-1995; Recodified from 785 KAR 1:100; eff. 9-13-2013; 48 Ky.R. 843, 2015; eff. 4-5-2022.)

FILED WITH LRC: December 9, 2021
CONTACT PERSON: PERSON: Natalie Cummins, GED® Administrator, Office of Adult Education (Kentucky Skills U), 500 Mero Street Mail Stop 5SC, Frankfort Kentucky 40601; phone 502-892-3021; email Natalie.Cummins@ky.gov.

7-Year Expiration: 4/5/2029

Last Action: 4/6/2022

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