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101 KAR 1:400.Promotion.

Section 1.



Each agency shall consider an applicant's qualifications, record of performance, conduct, seniority, and performance evaluations in the selection of an employee for a promotion.


Promotions may be interagency or intra-agency.[ 

Section 2.

Promotion Documentation.


Prior to a promotion in the classified service, an employee with status shall request a promotion on the Voluntary Transfer/Demotion/Promotion Employee Agreement Form incorporated by reference by the Personnel Cabinet in 101 KAR 2:034.


The form shall include:


The effective date of the promotion;


The position number and job classification from which the employee is promoting;


The position number and job classification to which the employee is promoting;


The pay grade, salary, and work week for the position to which the employee will be promoted; and


A statement that the employee waives the right to appeal the promotion.


The agency shall forward a copy of the form to the Personnel Cabinet Secretary.

HISTORY: (17 Ky.R. 156; eff. 9-12-1990; Am. 21 Ky.R. 463; eff. 9-14-1994; 48 Ky.R. 1232, 2196; eff. 5-3-2022.)

FILED WITH LRC: January 10, 2022
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