Title 101 | Chapter 002 | Regulation 056

101 KAR 2:056.Registers.

Section 1.

Notification of Vacancies to Be Filled From a Register. An appointing authority shall notify the secretary as far in advance as possible of a vacancy in a full-time or part-time classified position to be filled from a register.

Section 2.

Minimum Requirements.


The secretary shall review the qualifications of additional applicants who meet the minimum requirements and qualifications for a vacancy if there are insufficient applicants for the vacancy.


The secretary shall, if appropriate, reevaluate an applicant's training and experience on the basis of the minimum qualifications required for the job classification in which the vacancy exists.

Section 3.

Duration of Registers.


A register that has become exhausted shall expire upon the administration of a superseding examination and the establishment of a register on the basis of that examination.


If a new examination is established for a job classification, the secretary shall send to each eligible remaining on the current register a notification prior to the administration of a superseding examination.

Section 4.

Internal Mobility Program. The internal mobility program shall facilitate the movement of a qualified classified employee to a different position in the state personnel system.


The secretary shall certify a full-time or part-time register that shall include:


The names of eligibles for reemployment and appointment, in accordance with 101 KAR 2:066; and


The names of interested employees with internal mobility full-time or internal mobility part-time status who:


Meet the minimum requirements;


Seek promotion, demotion, or transfer to a different position; and


Have applied for a posted vacancy.


An appointing authority may request a register consisting of exclusively internal mobility candidates for a time period specified by the appointing authority of at least ten (10) calendar days.

Section 5.

Reemployment Registers. The secretary shall prepare a reemployment register, which:


Shall contain the names of former employees, in rank order of seniority, who are exercising their reemployment rights; and


May be combined with the list of current employees in the Internal Mobility Program for the job classification.

Section 6.

Full-time or Part-time Registers. The secretary shall certify a separate register for full-time and part-time positions.

Section 7.

Number of Registers. A person meeting minimum qualifications for job classifications shall be eligible to apply for any posted vacancy.

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