Title 201 | Chapter 005 | Regulation 140

201 KAR 5:140.Dispensing.

Section 1.

An optometrist may dispense pharmaceutical agents as authorized in KRS 320.240(12) to (14), other than controlled substances.

Section 2.

Dispensing of pharmaceutical agents to a patient shall be:


For a legitimate medical purpose;


In the course of the optometrist's professional practice; and


Limited based upon the authority conferred upon the optometrist by the board consistent with the educational qualifications of the optometrist provided in KRS 320.240.

Section 3.

An optometrist shall be on the premises when a pharmaceutical agent is dispensed and the optometrist shall be actively involved in the dispensing process.

Section 4.

When a pharmaceutical agent is dispensed by an optometrist, he or she shall:


Inform the patient on the appropriate use of the pharmaceutical agent; and


Document in the patient's record the name, strength, quantity, and appropriate use of the pharmaceutical agent provided to the patient.

Section 5.

An optometrist shall maintain a readily retrievable record system by manual or electronic means of all pharmaceutical agents purchased for administration or dispensing in the course of professional practice.

Section 6.

The pharmaceutical agent shall be purchased, possessed, labeled, and packaged in accordance with the Kentucky Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and applicable federal law.

Section 7.

Nothing in this section shall expand the administrative or prescriptive authority of an optometrist.

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