Title 201 | Chapter 007 | Regulation 040

201 KAR 7:040.Examinations.

Section 1.

An apprentice shall take the first qualifying examination that is scheduled after the completion of the apprenticeship period.

Section 2.

Requirements for Applicants Wishing to Sit for the Examination. An applicant for examination shall furnish:


Two (2) forms of identification, one (1) of which shall contain a picture of the applicant, before being allowed to sit for the examination;


An audiometer capable of air, bone, and speech conduction testing;


Proof of audiometric calibration;


Audiogram to record test results;


Earmold impression materials;


A human subject to test hearing and demonstrate earmold impression techniques;


Case history sheet; and



Section 3.

Qualifying Examination. The qualifying examination shall consist of the following sections:


A written examination that tests an applicant's:


Knowledge and proficiency in the subject matters established by KRS 334.070; and


Qualification to practice the fitting of hearing instruments;


A written examination on:


The provisions of KRS Chapter 334 relating to specialists in hearing instruments;


The provisions of administrative regulations governing the practice of specialists in hearing instruments, codified in 201 KAR Chapter 7;


Conduct required or prohibited by KRS 334.120, 334.130, and the code of ethics established by 201 KAR 7:090;


Ear molds; and




A practical examination on:


Ear impressions;


Audiometric testing; and


Defective hearing instruments.

Section 4.

Scoring of Examination.


A passing grade shall consist of a score of seventy (70) percent on each section.


A candidate shall be required to retake the sections of the examination on which he fails to achieve a passing score.


The board shall issue a notification to the applicant of the results of his or her qualifying examination score.

Section 5.



An apprentice who fails to pass any written section of the qualifying examination two (2) times shall be allowed to extend his apprenticeship if he or she has paid the renewal fees required by 201 KAR 7:015.


An apprentice permit may be extended for no longer than two (2) years from the date of the second examination.


An apprentice shall revert to and remain in stage two (2) of the apprenticeship period established by KRS 334.090(2)(b) until he or she passes the section of the examination that he or she failed.

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