Title 201 | Chapter 007 | Regulation 075

201 KAR 7:075.Continuing education requirements.

Section 1.

Each licensee shall be required to complete a minimum of ten (10) continuing education hours in order to renew his or her license each year. Continuing education hours for hearing instrument specialists in excess of the number required at the time of renewal of license may not be applied to future requirements.

Section 2.

A minimum of five (5) of the required ten (10) continuing education hours shall be attained through programs sponsored by entities listed in Section 3(1) of this administrative regulation and attended in person by the licensee in a live, classroom presentation format. The remaining continuing education hours may be attained through any of the sources listed in Section 3 of this administrative regulation.

Section 3.

Continuing education hours applicable to the renewal of the license shall be directly related to the professional growth and development of hearing instrument specialists. Continuing education hours may be earned by completing any of the following educational activities:


Relevant offerings provided by the following organizations or institutions and approved by the board:


The Hearing Aid Association of Kentucky (HAAK);


The Kentucky Speech-Language and Hearing Association (KSHA);


The International Hearing Society (IHS), or any of its affiliated state chapters;


The American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA), or any of its affiliated state chapters;


The Academy of Dispensing Audiologists (ADA), or any of its affiliated state chapters;


The American Academy of Audiology (AAA), or any of its affiliated state chapters; or


The American Academy of Otolaryngology, or any of its affiliated state chapters.


Relevant offerings of the following types that have been reviewed and approved by the board:


Manufacturers professional seminars; or


Accredited schools' continuing education programs.


Related areas not specifically a part of the field of hearing instruments may be approved for up to two (2) continuing education hours, if the board believes that the related areas may serve to enhance the licensee's ability to practice.

Section 4.

The sponsor of a continuing education program shall be responsible for obtaining from the board accreditation for the sponsor's continuing education program.


A sponsor shall be any person, school, association, company, corporation, or group who wishes to develop a continuing education program.


A program shall be submitted to the board at least sixty (60) days prior to planned participation so the participants can know the value of the experience prior to actual participation.


A request for a program change shall be made to and accredited by the board. Failure to make a request for a program change to the board in compliance with this subsection shall render the evaluation and accreditation of the program null and void.


Repetitious completion of a program shall not entitle the participant to additional continuing education credit.


A sponsor shall maintain for three (3) years records of the name of those participants who complete a program.

Section 5.

A sponsor or licensee requesting approval of continuing education for hearing instrument specialists shall submit an application to the board. Each licensee shall keep valid records, receipts, and certifications of continuing education hours completed for three (3) years and submit certification to the board on request.

Section 6.

Submission of fraudulent statements or certificates concerning continuing education shall subject the licensee to revocation or suspension of his license as provided in KRS Chapter 334.

Section 7.


Each licensee shall submit, with the annual renewal, on forms provided by the board, a list of accredited continuing education hours completed by the licensee during the previous license year.


If any licensee shall fail to submit a list of continuing education hours by the first of February, the board secretary shall notify the licensee at his last known address that his license shall be subject to suspension.


Upon proper application to the board a licensee may be granted a deferral on a year to year basis at the discretion of the board for reasons as illness, incapacity, or other similar extenuating circumstances.


A licensee shall be exempt from the continuing education provisions for the calendar year during which his license is first issued by the board.

Section 8.

Each licensee shall keep the board informed of his or her correct address.

Section 9.

Incorporation by Reference.


"Renewal Application", RA-2001, is incorporated by reference.


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