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201 KAR 14:050.Apprentice license; qualifications.

Section 1.

An applicant for a license as an apprentice barber shall meet the qualifications listed in KRS 317.450(1)(a).

Section 2.

A person holding a Kentucky cosmetology license shall be given credit for 750 hours toward a prescribed course of instruction at a school of barbering approved in accordance with 201 KAR 14:095.

Section 3.



An apprentice licensee shall not apply for a barber license until the apprentice period required by KRS 317.450 has been served.


The board may, in individual cases involving medical disability, illness, or undue hardship as determined by the board, grant an extension of the apprentice period.




A written request for an extension of time involving medical disability, illness, or undue hardship shall be submitted by an applicant.


A request involving a medical disability or illness shall be accompanied by a verifying document signed by a licensed physician.


An extension of the apprentice period shall be granted by the board for a period of time not to exceed six (6) months, upon approval of the request and payment of the initial licensing fee for an apprentice license, as established in 201 KAR 14:180, Section 1(1).


If the medical disability, illness, or undue hardship upon which an extension has been granted continues beyond the period of the extension, the applicant shall reapply for an extension.

Section 4.

Continuous service consists of working with an apprentice license in a Kentucky licensed barber shop for an average of twenty (20) hours or more per week for six (6) continuous months.

Section 5.

 The applicant shall submit the Initial License Form with the initial licensing fee for a barber license, as established in 201 KAR 14:180, Section 1(2).

Section 6.

Incorporation by Reference.


"Initial License Form", February 2022, is incorporated by reference.


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