Title 201 | Chapter 018 | Regulation 092

201 KAR 18:092.Surveying Core Curriculum.

Section 1.

The core curriculum in land surveying and related areas referred to in KRS 322.045(1)(c)2 shall consist of twenty-four (24) semester credit hours from a board-approved college or university as follows:


A minimum of twelve (12) semester credit hours in at least three (3) of the following subject areas:


Principles of Surveying;


Professional Ethics and Conduct;


Computer Graphics related to land surveying;


Geographic Information Systems;


Route Surveying;


Land Boundary Location; or


Boundary Law.


The remainder of the twenty-four (24) semester credit hours shall come from the following subject areas:


Automated Surveying and Mapping;


Geodetic Surveying;


Hydrographic Surveying;




Subdivision and Land Use Planning;


Advanced Surveying Measurement;


Construction Surveying;


Public Land Systems;


Remote Sensing Applications; or


Mine Surveying.

Section 2.

The twelve (12) semester credit hours of the core curriculum in land surveying referred to in KRS 322.045(1)(c)3 shall consist of the twelve (12) hours described in subsection (1) above.

HISTORY: (31 Ky.R. 1921; Am. 32 Ky.R. 53; eff. 8-5-05; Crt eff. 2-14-2020.)

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