Title 201 | Chapter 019 | Regulation 235

201 KAR 19:235.Reciprocity; registration without examination.

Section 1.

General Requirements of Nonresident Architects.


A nonresident architect shall be fully registered in Kentucky before he or she practices architecture in the Commonwealth. Any nonresident architect who desires registration in Kentucky, and whose state of residence grants reciprocal licensing privileges satisfactory to this board pursuant to KRS 323.060, may apply for a license in Kentucky.


He or she shall make an application through the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, 1401 H ST NW #500, Washington, DC 20005, using the Uniform Application for Architect Registration, NCARB Form 308 and obtain NCARB certification.


An NCARB record plus certification shall provide all, or most of the information needed in applying for registration.

Section 2.

Review of Applications. Registration by reciprocity shall be based upon equivalent examinations, experience, character, and education requirements. An application received through the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards shall be accepted for review to determine if the qualifications for licensing by examination were, in the opinion of the board, equal to those prescribed in Kentucky.

Section 3.

Additional Provisions. The board may:


Call for a personal interview of any applicant whose record is not sufficiently clear as to his or her technical, ethical, or moral qualifications, for further evaluation.


Grant registration without examination to any architect whose application shows him or her to be so qualified and so fitted to practice architecture that his or her services will, in the opinion of this board, be a valuable asset to both the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the profession of architecture.


The board reserves the right of the decision to grant or deny registration by reciprocity to any applicant.

Section 4.

Incorporation by Reference.


"Uniform Application for Architect Registration, NCARB Form 308", 1/2021, is incorporated by reference.


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