Title 201 | Chapter 019 | Regulation 270

201 KAR 19:270.Plans and specifications standards.

Section 1.

Standards Required.


All plans and specifications and other documents prepared for use within the Commonwealth of Kentucky shall be of a standard sufficient to safeguard the public against misrepresentations and shall show and describe all essential parts of the design, details, and materials necessary.


Each project shall meet the requirements of the city, county, state, and federal agencies having jurisdiction, including, agencies such as, the following:


Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction;


Local City and County Building Departments;


Local County Health Departments, and the Kentucky Department for Human Resource Administration;


Local Department of Education (For tax supported schools, grades 1 - 12);


Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection (if impoundment, diversion, or pollution is involved); and


Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet Division for Air Quality.

HISTORY: (47 Ky.R. 624, 1548; eff. 5-4-2021.)

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