Title 201 | Chapter 019 | Regulation 450

201 KAR 19:450.Signature of documents by certified interior designers; use of title.

Section 1.

Certification shall be granted for individuals only. A corporation, association, or partnership shall not be certified as an interior designer.

Section 2.

Office and Firm Names.


A title block or firm name used in connection with the title of "certified interior designer" in this state shall:


Not be misleading;


Not infer that an uncertified person is a "certified interior designer";


Designate as a "certified interior designer" only a person certified in Kentucky as an interior designer; and


Include the certificate number of the certified interior designer if used in business or as a form of advertising.


A firm name may be used without all members being certified if those certified interior designers who are certified in Kentucky have the title "certified interior designer" applied only to them in subheadings or subtitles in defining the services of the firm. Examples:


If Smith and Jones are both certified interior designers in their own state, but only Albert Smith is certified in Kentucky and is fully responsible for work done in Kentucky:

SMITH, JONES, MILLER & MOORE Albert Smith, certified interior designer


If each member is certified or licensed in Kentucky in the profession indicated:

SMITH, JONES, MILLER & MOORE, Inc. Architects and Engineers and Certified Interior Designers

Albert Smith, Certified Interior Designer, Carl Miller, Mech. Engr. Robert Jones, Architect John Moore, Struct. Engr.


If Jones and Smith are both certified in Kentucky and the firm has other members included in their office title:

STATEWIDE STUDIOS, Inc. Roy Jones, Certified Interior Designer, John Davis, Mech. Engr. Carl Smith, Certified Interior Designer, Alan Moore, Manager

Section 3.

A certified interior designer who is certified by the Kentucky Board of Architects shall:


Sign and affix his or her certification number to all documents prepared:


By him or her; or


Under his or her supervision; and


Clearly identify himself or herself as a certified interior designer by including the title or its abbreviation on the document in association with his or her signature.

HISTORY: (47 Ky.R. 639, 1553; eff. 5-4-2021.)

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