Title 201 | Chapter 020 | Regulation 640

201 KAR 20:640.Requirements for informed consent for licensed certified professional midwives.

Section 1.


An LCPM shall obtain written informed consent from the individual receiving services.


The LCPM shall maintain a copy of the informed consent document in the individual's records.


The informed consent document shall include:


A description of the LCPM's education and credentials;


A description of the LCPM's statutory scope of practice, including a summary of the LCPM's limitations of skills and practices;


Instructions for obtaining a copy of 201 KAR 20:600 to 201 KAR 20:690;


Instructions for filing a complaint with the board of nursing;


A summary of a written protocol for emergencies, including transfer to a higher level of care;


A description of the procedures, benefits, and risks of birth in the client's chosen environment, primarily those conditions that may arise during delivery;


Disclosure of professional liability insurance held by the LCPM;


The financial responsibility of the client;


A summary of the requirements for consultation, referral, or transfer of care established by 201 KAR 20:670 and 201 KAR 20:690; and


Procedures established by the LCPM for consultation, collaboration, referral, or transfer of care to a physician or other appropriate healthcare provider.

HISTORY: (46 Ky.R. 2170, 2900; eff. 7-29-2020)

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