Title 201 | Chapter 023 | Regulation 015

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201 KAR 23:015.Temporary permission to practice.

Section 1.


A temporary permit to engage in the practice of social work shall be granted, if requested, to an applicant who has completed all of the requirements for licensure except the examination and has applied for licensure under the provisions of KRS 335.080, 335.090, or 335.100.


A person practicing under a temporary permit as a certified social worker shall not accumulate hours towards the supervision requirements of KRS 335.100(1)(b).


A certified social worker or licensed clinical social worker practicing clinical social work under a temporary permit shall be under the supervision of a licensed clinical social worker who qualifies to provide supervision under 201 KAR 23:070, Section 3(1).


The request for a temporary permit shall be accompanied by a letter from the proposed supervisor acknowledging the responsibility for supervision and for the practice of the person holding the temporary permit.


A licensee shall not serve as the supervisor for more than two (2) persons holding a temporary permit at any one (1) time.


Supervision during the period of temporary permission to practice shall be a minimum of one (1) hour of individual, face-to-face supervision per week.



Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this subsection, the temporary permit shall be valid until the applicant for licensure is issued or denied licensure under the provisions of KRS 335.080, 335.090, or 335.100.


A temporary permit shall not extend for more than 240 days after the temporary permit was approved.


Any changes of the terms of the temporary permit shall be submitted to the board and approved by the board before the temporary permit holder continues social work practice.

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