Title 201 | Chapter 029 | Regulation 010

201 KAR 29:010.Activities under limited mandatory certification.

Section 1.

To be eligible for limited mandatory certification as a respiratory care practitioner, the applicant shall:


Be actively enrolled in an accredited program as defined by KRS 314A.010(5);


Have documented competency in a minimum of six (6) of the following areas as it relates to KRS 314A.010(8):


Oxygen therapy;


Assessment of patients cardiopulmonary status;


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation;


Ethics of respiratory care and medical care;


Humidity therapy;


Aerosol therapy;


Airway clearance techniques;


Chest physiotherapy;


Gas therapy; and


Respiratory assist device (RAD); and


Submit documentation of authorization of employment on the Application for Limited Mandatory Certificate by the director of the applicant's educational program and also by the appropriate supervisory personnel in the health care facilities in which the applicant intends to practice respiratory care.

Section 2.

Upon completion of the accredited program, the holder of a limited mandatory certificate shall apply for a temporary mandatory certificate or a mandatory certificate by completing the Application for Mandatory Certification as a Respiratory Care Practitioner.

Section 3.

"Continuous mechanical or physiological ventilatory support" as used in KRS 314A.110(3) shall be considered to be the establishment, management, or termination of mechanical ventilation. A person holding a limited mandatory certificate shall be prohibited from performing these functions, as well as arterial puncture and blood gas analysis. Persons holding a limited mandatory certificate may perform any other respiratory care procedure or function for which they have received training, if they are done under the supervision of an individual holding mandatory certification by this board.

Section 4.

A person shall not practice under a limited mandatory certificate if he or she has been previously approved by the board for a temporary certificate.

Section 5.

Incorporation by Reference.


The following material is incorporated by reference:


"Application for Limited Mandatory Certificate", 5/06; and


"Application for Mandatory Certification as a Respiratory Care Practitioner", 5/06.


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