Title 201 | Chapter 030 | Regulation 130

201 KAR 30:130.Standards for education approval - fees.

Section 1.


To qualify for education or continuing education credit, each real estate appraisal education course shall be approved by the board in advance, in accordance with this administrative regulation.


Each education provider shall apply for approval by submitting a completed Application for Course Approval.


Board approval shall be given to those education courses which the board finds will provide competent instruction in real estate appraisal so as to establish, maintain and increase the student's skill, knowledge and competency in real estate appraising.


The board shall collect an annual nonrefundable fee from each education provider applying for board approval. The fee shall be:


$100 for each prelicensure hour or less education course; and


Fifty (50) dollars for each continuing education course.

Section 2.

Incorporation by Reference.


"Application for Course Approval", May 1991, is incorporated by reference.


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