Title 201 | Chapter 032 | Regulation 081

201 KAR 32:081.Inactive licensure status.

Section 1.

Inactive licensure status may be granted to a licensee pursuant to KRS 335.325(6) upon written request to the board.


The licensee shall be relieved of his obligation to pay the renewal fee, but shall meet the annual requirements for continuing education as established in 201 KAR 32:060.


The licensee may return to active status within three (3) years of being granted inactive licensure status upon:


Written notification to the board;


Payment of the current renewal fee as set forth in 201 KAR 32:030; and


Demonstration of compliance with all continuing education requirements, as established in 201 KAR 32:060, for each year during the period of inactive licensure status.



If the licensee does not reactivate his license before the third anniversary date of the granting of inactive licensure status, then the license shall be forfeited.


Following forfeiture of a license under the provisions of this section, any person desiring to practice marriage and family therapy in the Commonwealth of Kentucky shall:


File a new application for licensure with the board;


Pay the initial fees for application and licensure; and


Meet current requirements for initial licensure, as established by statute and administrative regulation.

HISTORY: (26 Ky.R. 2427; Am. 27 Ky.R. 744; eff. 9-11-2000; Crt eff. 2-27-2020.)

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