Title 201 | Chapter 035 | Regulation 075

201 KAR 35:075.Substitution for work experience for an applicant for certification as an alcohol and drug counselor and licensed alcohol and drug counselor.

Section 1.

Substitution for Work Experience for an Applicant for Certification as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor under KRS 309.083 or a licensed alcohol and drug counselor under KRS 309.0830.


An applicant may substitute, for part of the work experience, a degree in a related field such as:








Psychiatric nursing; or


Social work.


An applicant may request to substitute an educational degree for part of the required work experience by submitting KBADC Form 12, Workplace Experience Substitution Request, to the board along with transcripts from an accredited college or university.


Educational substitution shall be reviewed and approved by the board based upon education relative to the delivery of alcohol and other drug counseling.


A master's degree or higher in a related field, with a specialization in addictions or drug and alcohol counseling, may be substituted for 4,000 hours of work experience.


A master's degree or higher in a related field, without the specialization in paragraph (a) of this subsection, may be substituted for 3,000 hours of work experience.


A bachelor's degree in a related field may be substituted for 2,000 hours of work experience.


A bachelor's degree in an unrelated field shall not qualify for a substitution of hours, and the applicant shall provide proof of 6,000 hours of work experience as established in KRS 309.083(3).


The hours of work experience shall be documented on the candidate's application for certification and shall contain verification by the supervisor.

Section 2.

Incorporation by Reference.


"KBADC Form 12, Workplace Experience Substitution Request", June 2021, is incorporated by reference.


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HISTORY: (42 Ky.R. 1415; 2048; eff. 2-5-2016; 47 Ky.R. 2091; 48 Ky.R. 80, 345; eff. 8-26-2021.)

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