Title 201 | Chapter 044 | Regulation 110

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201 KAR 44:110.Licensure by endorsement.

Section 1.

The board shall issue a license by endorsement, without examination, to a prosthetist, orthotist, pedorthist, or orthotic fitter currently licensed by examination by the corresponding authority of another state upon:


Verification that the applicant meets all current requirements for licensure as established by KRS 319B.030(1);


Submission of the Kentucky Board of Prosthetics, Orthotics and Pedorthics Application for Licensure, as incorporated by reference in 201 KAR 44:090;


Payment of the fee for licensure as established by 201 KAR 44:010; and


Verification of the applicant's license issued by another state that certifies that the license is:




In good standing; and


Free of pending complaints.

HISTORY: (39 Ky.R. 356; 951; eff. 12-7-2012; 42 Ky.R. 2442, 2574; eff. 5-6-2016.)

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