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Title 301 | Chapter 003 | Regulation 040

301 KAR 3:040.Wildlife disaster contingency measures.

Section 1.

When biological or environmental conditions exist that may detrimentally impact wildlife, the commissioner may work with any agency or organization and take any and all actions necessary to warn the public or lessen the impact of such detrimental conditions, including the following:


Notifying the public of the conditions;


Restricting the importation or propagation of wildlife; or


Altering any season for taking of wildlife including dates, bag or creel limits, or any other taking restriction or condition.

HISTORY: (27 Ky.R. 3468; Am. 28 Ky.R. 366; eff. 8-15-2001; Crt eff. 12-13-2019.)

7-Year Expiration: 12/13/2026

Last Action: 12/15/2021

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