Title 302 | Chapter 020 | Regulation 055

302 KAR 20:055.Brucellosis vaccination, testing and branding requirements.

Section 1.

Vaccination and Branding Protocol.


Female animals which are vaccinated shall be officially vaccinated between four (4) and ten (10) months of age with an approved reduced dosage Brucella vaccine and identified by a vaccination tattoo in the ear and an official vaccination ear tag, or, in the case of registered cattle, by an identification tattoo.


Vaccination tattoo shall be placed in the right ear and shall legibly identify the quarter of the year, shield and the calendar year of vaccination.


Official vaccination ear tag shall be placed in the right ear and shall identify the animal according to the state of origin, official vaccinate status and individual identification number.


Animals shall be vaccinated, branded, or tested by, or under the supervision of, a licensed, accredited veterinarian or by an authorized agent of the board or by authorized federal personnel (i.e., includes "S" branding).


Official documentations of the above listed procedures shall be promptly conveyed to the office of the state veterinarian on appropriate forms provided by same.


Animals on Kentucky farms or changing ownership on a Kentucky farm may be vaccinated with funds appropriated by the Commonwealth of Kentucky if available.


No person shall tamper with the vaccination tattoo or official vaccination ear tag, and no person shall retattoo any animal unless approval is first obtained from the Kentucky State Veterinarian or from Kentucky's area veterinarian in charge (AVIC). No person shall tamper with an official brand, ear tag or other individual animal identification device.


Location of brands: "S" on the face or hip, "open spade" on the hip.

Section 2.

Procedure Requirements.



Sexually intact females twelve (12) months of age or older shall be negative to an official brucellosis test within thirty (30) days prior to change of ownership, unless the cattle:


Originate directly from a brucellosis certified free herd;


Are official calfhood vaccinates of the dairy breed, less than twenty (20) months of age;


Are official calfhood vaccinates of the beef breeds less than twenty-four (24) months of age;


Are open heifers less than eighteen (18) months of age designated for feeding purposes; or


Are identified with an "S" brand and moving directly to recognized slaughter facilities or to designated quarantined feedlots in states approving this movement.


Diversion of "feeder" heifers for use as breeding animals without meeting applicable test requirements shall be a violation of this administrative regulation.


Female bovine animals sold through a Kentucky livestock market when eligible shall be identified as to farm of origin.


Fattened heifers, intended for slaughter only, or consigned directly to a slaughter facility must meet federal requirements.


Spayed heifers may move freely in Kentucky, when in compliance with appropriate movement certification. Such heifers are identified with an "open spade" brand.


Approved livestock assembly facility. These facilities shall be approved by the Department of Agriculture and be designated only for cattle assemblage. Vaccination, testing or branding requirements shall be met prior to release of animals from these facilities, and records of state and farm of origins shall be kept by the operators. Animals imported into Kentucky and remaining in Kentucky after entering an approved livestock assembly facility shall also meet Kentucky's entry requirements 302 KAR 20:040. Animals tested for brucellosis by the designated veterinarian shall remain at the facility until the results are known negative.


The test eligible age of eighteen (18) months shall be determined by the loss of the first pair of temporary incisor teeth.


The test eligible age for official calfhood vaccinated females of dairy breeds shall be twenty (20) months of age and shall be determined by the partial eruption of the first pair of permanent incisors (twenty (20) months of age or older).


The test eligible age for official calfhood vaccinated females of beef breeds shall be twenty-four (24) months of age and shall be determined by the first pair of permanent incisors fully erupted (two (2) years of age or older).


Heavy springers or cows postpartum shall be tested eligible regardless of age.

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