Title 302 | Chapter 021 | Regulation 001

302 KAR 21:001.Definitions for 302 KAR Chapter 21.

Section 1.



"Ambulatory disabled" means being capable of walking, but with a physical impairment that severely limits or threatens the ability to walk.


"Distress" means a condition that occurs when livestock or poultry are injured, sick, or in physical pain.


"Euthanasia" means the act of putting an animal to death by methods specified as acceptable for that species by the 2007 Report of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Panel on Euthanasia, incorporated by reference in 302 KAR 21:020.


"Handling" means the moving or confining of livestock or poultry for management practices, relocating, loading, or unloading.


"Housing" means space used to shelter or confine livestock and poultry.


"Management practices" means procedures in livestock and poultry production to improve animal health, reproduction, comfort, safety, productivity, and product acceptability.


"Non-ambulatory disabled" means being unable to rise from a recumbent position or being unable to walk.


"Responsible party" means a person who is the owner of the livestock or poultry or a person who has current responsibility of custody of the livestock or poultry.


"Soring" means:



An irritating or blistering agent has been applied, internally or externally, by a person to a limb of a horse;


A burn, cut, or laceration has been inflicted by a person on a limb of a horse;


A tack, nail, screw, or chemical agent has been injected by a person into or used by a person on a limb of a horse; or


Any other substance or device has been used by a person on a limb of a horse or a person has engaged in a practice involving a horse; and



As a result of the application, infliction, injection, use, or practice, the horse suffers, or can reasonably be expected to suffer, physical pain or distress, inflammation, or lameness if walking, trotting, or otherwise moving; and


Shall not include an application, infliction, injection, use, or practice in connection with the therapeutic treatment of a horse by or under the supervision of a person licensed to practice veterinary medicine.


"Veal" means a young bovine harvested at or under 750 pounds, and fed for the purpose of veal meat production.


"Veterinarian-client-patient relationship" is defined by KRS 321.185.

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