Title 302 | Chapter 021 | Regulation 060

302 KAR 21:060.Swine Specific Provisions.

Section 1.

The provisions of 302 KAR 21:020 apply to on-farm livestock and poultry in Kentucky, except as provided by this administrative regulation. This administrative regulation adds additional standards and specifically authorized practices to 302 KAR 21:020 for swine.

Section 2.


Additional Standards.


If being transported, swine shall be able to stand in their natural position without touching the top of the transport conveyance.


Body condition may be evaluated using the Pork Quality Assurance Guidelines.


Authorized Practices. The following shall be authorized practices:




Needle teeth clipping;


Boar tusk removal;


Tail docking;


Identification using ear notching, tattooing, or ear tagging;


Environmentally controlled housing. Swine may be raised in environmentally controlled housing designed in a manner that minimizes the effects of adverse weather conditions;


Stalls, pens, or outdoor lots with shelters if used for gestating sows; and


Crates, pens, or outdoor huts if used for farrowing and lactating sows.

Section 3.

Incorporation by Reference.


"Pork Quality Assurance Guidelines", 2013, is incorporated by reference.


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HISTORY: (40 Ky.R. 736; 1730; eff. 3-7-2014; Crt eff. 2-11-2021.)

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