Title 302 | Chapter 022 | Regulation 040

302 KAR 22:040.Carcass transport and composting.

Section 1.

Carcass Transportation.


In fulfilling the requirements of KRS 257.160, a carcass shall only be transported if:


The carcass is covered with a tarpaulin or other heavy material so that no portion of the dead carcass can be exposed; and


The bottom and sides of the truck or trailer used for transport are made of solid material that will not allow for leaks.


The carcass shall not be transported in a truck or trailer with no sides or with sides made of slat material with openings between slats.


Commercial collection services shall follow the requirements found in KRS Chapter 263.

Section 2.

Composting Site Registration.


Commercial or regional composting facilities, not on an agriculture operation, shall register with the State Veterinarian by submitting in writing the name and address of the composting facility owner, the location of the composting facility, and a description of the facility.


Registration of composting facilities shall not be required for an agriculture operation, if composting is not for a commercial purpose.

Section 3.

Composting Facilities.


All composting facilities shall be constructed to meet:


Guidelines established by the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service publication "On-Farm Composting of Animal Mortalities: ID-166"; and


The requirements of the Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Plan.


All processing of dead livestock, fish, and poultry shall be done within the composting facility.


Hazardous materials shall not be used in the composting procedure.


Reasonable and cost-effective efforts shall be taken to prevent odor, insects, and pests. All carcasses shall be inaccessible to scavengers, livestock, and poultry.


Ruminant livestock may have the rumen vented prior to composting.


Any carcasses not completely composted shall be disposed of in a manner consistent with KRS 257.160.


All composting facilities shall be subject to inspection by the State Veterinarian or his representative.

Section 4.

Incorporation by Reference.


The following material is incorporated by reference:


University of Kentucky College of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service publication "On-Farm Composting of Animal Mortalities: ID-166", 5-2013; and


"Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Plan", December 2018.


This material may be inspected, copied, or obtained, subject to applicable copyright law, at the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Division of Animal Health, 111 Corporate Drive, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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