Title 302 | Chapter 022 | Regulation 070

302 KAR 22:070.Restrictions on biological materials in Kentucky.

Section 1.

Live pathogenetic bacteria, virus, or disease producing agents of animal origin shall not be shipped, transported, or cause to be imported into the Commonwealth of Kentucky without prior written consent based on material type of the Office of the State Veterinarian (OSV). Requests for consent by the OSV shall be emailed or sent by U.S. mail to the Office of the State Veterinarian.

Section 2.

All biological materials for immunization, treatment, or diagnostic purposes for livestock, poultry, or fish in the Commonwealth shall be approved in advance of use by the OSV or the United State Department of Agriculture upon written notice being provided to the OSV.

Section 3.

Any entity distributing BVD-PI diagnostic tests shall request approval from the OSV, and shall maintain records for at least five (5) years after the sale, and shall make these records available to the Office of the State Veterinarian upon demand.

Section 4.

Disease-producing organisms shall not be sold in or shipped to the Commonwealth of Kentucky unless the buyer or recipient is a licensed veterinarian, pharmacist, or entity authorized under Kentucky Revised Statutes to receive, hold, and sell biologics.

HISTORY: (46 Ky.R. 1753, 2628; eff. 6-30-2020.)

7-Year Expiration: 6/30/2027

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