Title 302 | Chapter 022 | Regulation 080

302 KAR 22:080.Feed restrictions.

Section 1.

Definition. "Garbage" means:


All animal and vegetable waste resulting from the handling, preparation, consuming, and cooking of food;


Unconsumed food in all public and private establishments and residences; and


The offal and carcasses of dead animals, poultry, and fish or parts thereof.

Section 2.

Feeding Garbage to Swine Prohibited. A person shall not feed treated or untreated garbage to swine.

Section 3.

Penalties. The department may file an action in the court of jurisdiction to seek injunctive relief for a violation of this administrative regulation. Each day upon which a violation occurs shall constitute a separate violation.

HISTORY: (46 Ky.R. 1382, 2629; eff. 6-30-2020.)

7-Year Expiration: 6/30/2027

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