Title 401 | Chapter 059 | Regulation 046

401 KAR 59:046.Selected new petroleum refining processes and equipment.

Section 1.

Applicability. The provisions of this administrative regulation shall apply to each affected facility commenced on or after the classification date defined below which is located:


In an urban county designated nonattainment for ozone under 401 KAR 51:010; or


In any other county and is a part of a major source of volatile organic compounds.

Section 2.



"Affected facility" means vacuum producing systems and process unit turnarounds associated with a petroleum refinery.


"Vacuum producing systems" means equipment which produces a partial vacuum in a vessel.


"Process unit turnaround" means the shutting down, depressurization and purging of a process unit or vessel.


"Classification date" means June 29, 1979.

Section 3.

Standard for Hydrocarbons. The owner or operator of an affected facility shall install, operate, and maintain all equipment necessary to accomplish the following:


Vacuum producing systems. All gaseous hydrocarbons emitted from condensers, hot wells, vacuum pumps, and accumulators shall be collected and vented to a firebox, flare or other control device of equivalent efficiency as determined by the cabinet.


Process unit turnaround. The gaseous hydrocarbons purged from a process unit or vessel shall be vented to a firebox, flare, or other control device of equivalent efficiency as determined by the cabinet until the pressure in the process unit is less than five (5) psig.

Section 4.

Monitoring and Reporting Requirements.


The owner or operator shall:


Keep a record of each process unit turnaround;


Record the approximate hydrocarbon concentration when the hydrocarbons were first discharged to the atmosphere;


Record the approximate total quantity of hydrocarbons emitted to the atmosphere.


The owner or operator shall retain these records for at least two (2) years and submit them to the cabinet upon request.

HISTORY: (5 Ky.R. 419; 6 Ky.R. 12; eff. 6-29-1979; TAm eff. 8-9-2007; Crt eff. 11-21-2018; TAm eff. 2-14-2019.)

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