Title 500 | Chapter 020 | Regulation 010

500 KAR 20:010.Kentucky Agency for Substance Abuse Policy (KY-ASAP) start-up funding for local boards.

Section 1.



"Kentucky Agency for Substance Abuse Policy" or "KY-ASAP" means the agency established at KRS 15A.340(1) to (3).


"Local board" means the entity described at KRS 15A.344(1).

Section 2.

Application Process. To receive start-up funding for a local board, an applicant shall comply with the procedures established by the Local Board Workbook.

Section 3.

Start-Up Funding.


In order to ensure funding is received by local boards without unnecessary delay, KY-ASAP shall pay start-up funding in two (2) lump sum payments.


The lump sum payments shall be used to develop and implement the strategic plan of the local board.


An initial lump sum payment may be made after the procedures in Sections 1 through 13 of the Local Board Workbook have been completed.


The final lump sum payment may be made after the procedures in Section 14 of the Local Board Workbook have been completed.


No more than fifty (50) percent of the total start-up funds shall be used prior to the Office of Drug Control Policy executive director's approval of the local board's strategic plan.


The total amount of start-up funds awarded to a local board shall be $20,000 to the extent funds are available.

Section 4.

Incorporation by Reference.


"Local Board Workbook", 2010, is incorporated by reference.


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