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Title 501 | Chapter 006 | Regulation 290REG

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Department of Corrections
(Amended at ARRS Committee)

501 KAR 6:290.Southeast State Correctional Complex.

Section 1.

Incorporation by Reference.


"Southeast State Correctional Complex policies and procedures", March 7February 14, 2022November 3, 2021, are incorporated by reference. Southeast State Correctional Complex policies and procedures include:
SSCC 01-06-01Inmate Access to and Communication with SSCC Staff
SSCC 01-07-01Institutional Tours of SSCC
SSCC 01-08-01SSCC Cooperation with Outside Agencies Including Courts, Governmental, Legislative, Executive, and Community Agencies
SSCC 01-10-01Public Information and Media Communication 3/7/22
SSCC 01-11-01Tobacco Products and Nicotine Procedures
SSCC 02-08-01Inmate Canteen
SSCC 02-12-01Inmate Accounts 3/7/22
SSCC 05-02-01Outside Consultation and Research 3/7/22
SSCC 09-01-01Inmate Counts 3/7/22
SSCC 09-02-01Inmate Substance Abuse Testing
SSCC 09-03-01Inmate Death 3/7/22
SSCC 09-04-01Construction Crew Entry and Exit Procedures 3/7/22
SSCC 09-05-01Entry and Exit Procedures 3/7/22
SSCC 10-01-01Special Management Unit 3/7/22Restrictive Housing Unit 2/14/22
SSCC 11-01-01Food Service General Information & Staff Health Standards 3/7/22
SSCC 11-01-02Inmate Dining Room
SSCC 11-02-01Food Service Security
SSCC 11-03-01Inmate Work Schedule for Food Service
SSCC 11-04-01Meal Preparation and Service
SSCC 11-04-02Menu, Nutrition, Special, and Individual Diets
SSCC 12-01-01Clothing, Bedding, Hygiene Supplies, and Barber Shop 3/7/22
SSCC 12-03-01Vermin and Insect Control
SSCC 13-02-01Medical Services Informed Consent, Sick Call, Physician's Clinics, Pill Call, and Medical Co-Payment
SSCC 13-02-02Emergency Medical Care and Specialized Health Services
SSCC 13-02-03Continuity of Care: Health Evaluations, Intra-System Transfer, Individual Treatment Plans
SSCC 13-03-01Use of Pharmaceutical Products 3/7/22
SSCC 13-05-01Management of Serious and Infectious Diseases
SSCC 13-06-01Mental Health Services 3/7/22
SSCC 13-07-01Suicide Prevention and Intervention Program 3/7/22
SSCC 13-08-01Eye Care
SSCC 13-09-01Dental Care
SSCC 13-12-01Inmate Self Administration of Medication
SSCC 13-13-01Health Education Program and Detoxification
SSCC 13-14-01COVID-19 Precautions
SSCC 14-02-01Legal Services Program 3/7/22
SSCC 16-01-01Inmate Visitation 3/7/22
SSCC 16-02-01Inmate Mail
SSCC 16-03-01Inmate Telephone Communications
SSCC 16-04-01Inmate Packages
SSCC 17-01-01Personal Property Control
SSCC 17-02-01SSCC Inmate Receiving and Orientation Process
SSCC 17-03-01Television Repair Process
SSCC 18-01-01Inmate Classification
SSCC 18-02-01Meritorious Housing
SSCC 18-02-02Meritorious Visitation
SSCC 19-01-01Inmate Work Program
SSCC 20-01-01Educational Courses
SSCC 21-01-01Library Services
SSCC 22-01-01Recreation Programs
SSCC 22-02-01Inmate Clubs and Organizations
SSCC 22-03-01Arts and Crafts Projects
SSCC 23-01-01Religious Services
SSCC 24-01-01Social Services and Counseling Program
SSCC 25-01-01Pre-Release Program
SSCC 25-01-02Inmate Release Process
SSCC 25-02-01Parole Hearings
SSCC 26-01-01Citizen Involvement and Volunteer Service Program


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FILED WITH LRC: March 7, 2022
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