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Title 501 | Chapter 007 | Regulation 040

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501 KAR 7:040.Personnel.

Section 1.



Each jail shall provide twenty-four (24) hour awake supervision for all prisoners by providing a minimum of one (1) jail personnel excluding jail personnel designated for communication. If requested by the jailer or governing authority, the Department may conduct a staffing analysis.


If a female prisoner is housed in the center, the center shall provide a female deputy to perform twenty-four (24) hour awake supervision.

Section 2.

Qualifications. Jail personnel shall be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.

Section 3.

Compensation. Each employee shall receive a wage that is at least equal to the State Minimum Wage Law except if Federal Minimum Wage Law applies. Policy and Procedure. Written policy shall specify that equal employment opportunities exist for every position.

Section 4.

Physical Fitness. The jailer shall ensure that a level of physical fitness is maintained that will allow each employee to satisfactorily perform his duties.

Section 5.

Code of Ethics.


The jailer shall make a written code of ethics available to each employee.


The written code of ethics shall be incorporated in the center's policy and procedures manual and shall include the following:


An employee shall not:


Exchange a personal gift or a favor with a prisoner, prisoner's family, or prisoner's friend;


Accept any form of bribe or unlawful inducement;


Perform duties under the influence of an intoxicant or consume an intoxicant while on duty;


Violate or disobey an established rule, administrative regulation, or lawful order from a superior;


Discriminate against any prisoner on the basis of race, religion, creed, gender, national origin, or other individual characteristic;


Employ corporal punishment or unnecessary physical force;


Subject a prisoner to physical or mental abuse;


Intentionally demeanor humiliate a prisoner;


Bring a weapon or an item declared as contraband into the center without proper authorization;


Engage in critical discussion of jail employees or any prisoner in the presence of a prisoner;


Divulge confidential information without proper authorization;


Withhold information which, in so doing, threatens the security of the center, jail employees, visitors, or the community;


Through negligence, endanger the well-being of self or others;


Engage in any form of business or profitable enterprise with a prisoner;


Inquire about, disclose, or discuss details of a prisoner's crime other than as may be absolutely necessary in performing official duties;


Enter into an intimate, personal relationship with a prisoner while the prisoner is incarcerated at the same jail that the employee is employed by; or


Enter into an intimate, personal relationship with a former prisoner of jail within six (6) month of that prisoner's release.


An employee shall:


Comply with established rules, administrative regulations, and lawful orders from superiors;


Treat prisoners in a fair, impartial manner; and


Report a violation of the code of ethics to the jailer.


A violation of the code of ethics shall be made a part of the employee's personnel file.

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