Title 603 | Chapter 005 | Regulation 040

603 KAR 5:040.Use of rest areas.

Section 1.

Time Limit; Restricted Uses.


Except as provided in Section 3 of this administrative regulation, the use of a safety rest area located within the right-of-way of limited access facilities, as defined in KRS 177.220, shall be limited to a maximum of four (4) hours during any twenty-four (24) hour period for the same person or group of persons.


Rest areas shall not be used as a relay station or transfer point for trailers in transit. No cargo trailer or mobile home shall be uncoupled from the power unit in a rest area except in case of fire or explosion.


Safety rest areas shall not be used by any person for the purpose of displaying, selling or offering for sale, any merchandise, wares, produce, services or any other items, except as authorized by section 153 of the Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1978 (PL 95-599; 23 USC 111 note).

Section 2.

Animals shall not be allowed within buildings in such safety rest areas.

Section 3.

The Transportation Cabinet may grant permits to exceed the limit in Section 1(1) of this administrative regulation upon application therefore showing that such permission will contribute to the safety of motorists. Persons actually engaged in work on such limited access facility requiring their presence at such safety rest area are excluded from the application of Section 1 of this administrative regulation.

Section 4.

The Transportation Cabinet shall erect and maintain appropriate signs to adequately notify the public of the limitations provided for in this administrative regulation.

Section 5.

"Safety rest areas" does not include service areas where commercial facilities are provided.

Section 6.

Violators of any provision of this administrative regulation are subject to the penalty provided for in KRS 177.990(1).

HISTORY: (HIWA-RA-1; 1 Ky.R. 152; eff. 12-11-1974; 5 Ky.R. 928; eff. 7-17-1979; Crt eff. 4-1-2019.)

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