Title 701 | Chapter 005 | Regulation 110

701 KAR 5:110.Use of local monies to reduce unmet technology need.

Section 1.



"Department" means the Kentucky Department of Education.


"District education technology plan" means the plan developed by the local school district to address the unmet technology need of the district.


"Kentucky Education Technology System" or "KETS" means the statewide system established in the technology master plan issued by the Kentucky Board of Education and approved by the Legislative Research Commission.


"Master plan" means the long-range plan for the implementation of the Kentucky Education Technology System approved by the Kentucky Board of Education and the Legislative Research Commission.


"Unmet technology need" means the total cost of technology, meeting or exceeding the criteria established in the master plan, needed to achieve the capabilities outlined in the approved district education technology plan of the local school district.

Section 2.

Determination of Unmet Need. A local school district shall determine its unmet technology need as part of the education technology planning process. Unmet technology need shall be audited by the department and subject to the approval of the Kentucky Board of Education as part of the state review and assistance calculation process in accordance with the master plan.

Section 3.

Reducing Unmet Need.


In categories of unmet technology need, as established in the 2018-2024 KETS Master Plan, a district shall limit procurements to those that will reduce unmet technology need until the district's unmet technology need no longer exists.


The department shall assist districts in selecting equipment, software, and services that will reduce the unmet technology need.

Section 4.

Alternative Technology. For technology components having no established KETS standards, a local school district may propose alternative technologies (waivers) in the local district education technology plan, particularly if the technology is proposed to achieve innovation. The department shall respond to the waiver within a three (3) week time period. If denied, the local school district may appeal to the Commissioner of Education.

Section 5.

Incorporation by Reference.


The 2018-2024 KETS Master Plan, dated February 2018, is hereby incorporated by reference.


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