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Title 739 | Chapter 002 | Regulation 130

739 KAR 2:130.Thermal vision grant application process.

Section 1.



"Thermal vision device" is defined by KRS 95A.420.


"Thermal vision grant program" means the program administered pursuant to KRS 95A.400 to 95A.440 and designed to upgrade the capabilities of local fire departments by providing financial assistance for the purchase of thermal vision devices.

Section 2.

Grant Application Process.


Each fire department applying for a thermal vision grant shall complete and return the Thermal Imaging Camera Grant Application, signed by the chief of the applicant department or the administrator of the authority with jurisdiction over the applicant department.


The commission shall review the Thermal Imaging Camera Grant Application submitted by each fire department to ensure that the fire department meets the requirements of KRS 95A.440.


The commission shall approve thermal vision grants for eligible fire departments through currently available funds and shall give priority to the approval of thermal vision grants to fire departments with the fewest thermal vision devices.


The commission shall send to any fire department approved for a thermal vision grant the Approval Letter, which shall state the financial award granted.


Upon receipt of the Approval Letter, the fire department shall purchase a thermal vision device and shall send to the commission the proof of purchase, proof of payment, and manufacturer serial number of the device. The thermal imaging device shall be purchased from:














Drager; or


Avon Protection.


Upon receipt of the documents required by subsection (7) of this section, the commission shall issue payment to the purchasing fire department from the funds available through the thermal vision grant program.

Section 3.

Incorporation by Reference.


The following material is incorporated by reference:


"Thermal Imaging Camera Grant Memorandum", 2016;


"Thermal Imaging Camera Grant Application", 2016; and


"Approval Letter", 2016.


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HISTORY: (42 Ky.R. 2302, 2577; eff. 5-6-2016; Crt eff. 2-24-2020.)

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