Title 755 | Chapter 001 | Regulation 020

755 KAR 1:020.Delegation of financial management responsibility.

Section 1.

The Morehead State University Board of Regents, under the provision of KRS 164A.560, elects to delegate responsibility for the financial management provisions of KRS 164A.560, 164A.565, 164A.575 and 164A.620 to the president of the university. Further, the Board of Regents delegates to the president responsibility for submitting to the state property and buildings commission information and requests for approval of any bond project approved by the Board of Regents.

HISTORY: (16 Ky.R. 2293; eff. 6-10-1990; Cert eff. 12-16-2019.)

7-Year Expiration: 12/16/2026

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