Title 805 | Chapter 003 | Regulation 110

805 KAR 3:110.Employees' personal protection.

Section 1.

Personal Protection.


Adequate first aid materials, including stretchers and blankets, shall be provided at places convenient to all working areas. Water or neutralizing agents shall be available where corrosive chemicals or other harmful substances are stored, handled, or used.


All persons shall wear suitable hard hats when in or around mine plants or active workings of the mine.


All persons shall wear suitable protective footwear when in or around mine plants or active workings of the mine.


All persons shall wear safety glasses, goggles, or face shields when doing work hazardous to the eyes.


Safety belts and lines shall be worn if there is danger of falling. A second person shall tend the life line when bins, tanks or other dangerous areas are entered.


Life jackets or belts shall be worn if there is danger of falling into deep water.


Protective clothing, rubber gloves, goggles, or face shields shall be worn by a person handling substances that are corrosive, toxic, or injurious to the skin.


Protective clothing or equipment and face shields or goggles shall be worn when welding, cutting, or working with molten metal.


Snug-fitting clothing shall be worn by persons working around moving equipment and machinery.


Protective gloves shall be worn by employees handling materials that could cause injury.


Gloves shall not be worn if they could create a hazard by becoming entwined or caught in moving parts of machinery.


Effective hearing protection shall be worn if noise levels could cause permanent ear damage or hearing loss, or noise shall be reduced to safe levels, unless the wearing of the protective devices would create a greater danger to the employee.



All miners shall wear clothing with at least 100 square inches of reflective material while in an underground mine and clothing with at least fifty (50) square inches of reflective material while on a surface mine site.


The reflective material shall be prominently worn and visible in all directions.


All underground miners who are on foot and are on an active working section shall be equipped with an operating, flashing personal safety light that is recognized by MSHA as intrinsically safe. The light shall be readily visible and securely attached to the miner, at or above the shoulders, while on the working section.

HISTORY: (SMS-10; 1 Ky.R. 853; eff. 5-14-1975; Crt eff. 6-27-2018; 45 Ky.R. 3538; 46 Ky.R.434; eff. 8-20-2019.)

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